Concierge Medicine

Medical inovation for companies

Dr Wargha

Dr. Wargha Enayati

the major shareholder of Intermedicas and the one who
introduced the medical subsciptions on Romania’s market.

„From my experience as the main promoter of medical subscriptions in Romania I realized the need to remodel the classic type of medical subscriptions that alreday became commodity. At Intermedicas I found the possibility of using all my know-how in order to fine-tune these subscriptions, knowing very well their both their weak and strong parts. Therefore, I came with an inovative design of medical benefits, focused on a closed relationship between the physician and the patients and an easier medical route.”


Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine, a new concept for the medical market of Romania, represents an inovative design of medical care focused on a close relationship between the physician and the patient and a much easier medical route as possible. More exactly, through Concierge Medicine we propose an improved patient management system, that has at base a MORE EFFCIENT medical route/path to solving the medical case:

  • A physician that integrates the medical case, dedicated to each patient
  • Finding the personalized medical solution for each patient, with the help of a dedicated concierge physician.
  • No waiting time, the maximum waiting time is 3-4 days, regardless of the complexity of the medical problem
  • Diagnosis and referring to the best physician for each case
  • Smooth navigation through the system- coordination and monitoring of the whole process.

Concierge Medicine vs. Classic Medical Subscriptions

In contrast with the classical medical subscriptions, that have as goal covering some primary medical needs, Concierge Medicine is a product that addresses both the less complicated disorders as well as the most complex cases. In addition, due to the extended network of partners included in the Concierge Medicine subscription, the patient can have quick access to top physicians, clinics and hospitals.

According to a study conducted in the USA, the patients that used Concierge Medicine needed 35% less days of hospitalization, made 65% less visitis to emergency room and 66% less visits to different specialties. In addition, while a regular doctor treats annually aproximatively 2500 pacients, a concierge doctor manages and treats only 600 pacients, dedicating as much time as possible to solving each medical case.

Coordination of the diagnosis process and the medical care
The entire range of medical services included
Fast and unconditioned acces to top physicians
Private Physician, 24/7
Top medical Centers, included in the same subscription


Dedicated pshysician that integrates the medical case

Medical Counseling and Guidance

Emergency Medical Services - 24/7

Tumor Board

Priority at medical services

access to famous doctors

Access to the
entire range of medical services

Second Opinion

Top medical

Evacuation services using air transportation, Transportation Abroad



Concierge Medicine Subscriptions

The Concierge Medicine subcriptions are addressed both to companies that desire a method of motivating their employees, as well as to managers in search for excellency in medical services, without time restricitions, and access to any doctors and top clinics. In order to meet all kinds of requests, we created three types of Concierge Medicine subscriptions which include over 25 medical specialities, over 100 imaging investigations and no less then 200 laboratory services.

Until now, over 20 companies chose our Concierge Medicine services, reaching therefeore a number of 1000 subscribers. At the same time, each month, we manage complex cases for the patients that chose Concierge Medicine packages.


interested in a way to motivate
their employees


in search of excellency in medical services, without restrictions of time, at ay of the top doctors and clinics.


A phone call to the
concierge center


Identifying the
medical problem


Identifying the
best apropriate physican in the network.


Making an appointment


Delivering a
medical service


Follow up medical at
concierge center


Through Concierge Medicine we offer you access to over 100 top medical centers from Bucharest and the country. In the capital, the Conciere Medical subscription ensures access to top medical services providers: Sanador, Monza, Medsana, Academica, Intermedicas ( in total: 3 hospitals and 12 clinics) and in the country we have over 90 clinics partners. In addition we offer access to over 2000 physicians, 100 imaging investigations and over 200 laboratory services.

Intermedicas is the first clinic in Romania specialised in Second Opinion medical services, with direct access to international reknowned doctors from Europe, USA and Japan. Intermedicas implemented a montly schedule of Visiting Professor during which patients can meet, each month, in Bucharest, doctors with international expertise.

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Sanador Network is comprised of a multidisciplinary hospital and four clinics (Victoriei, Decebal, Baneasa and Militari) and a laboratory. Sanador Hospital has a capacity of 402 beds covering over 30 medical and surgical specialties, being the most equiped and performant operating room in the private medical system.

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Monza Hospital covers the entire area of specialties necessary for patient treatment, offering both diagnosis and treatment services and medical recovery. Excelence centers: Cardiac Center, Cardiopediatric Center, Areas Excellence Centers, Cardiomyopathy Center, Urology Center, Bari Clinic, Woman’s Health Academy.

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Medsana Clinics are devoloped on the concept of multidisciplinarity. Therefore, at the 3 clinics one can receive consultations, make investigations and laboratory tests in over 30 medical specialties. The two medical tests laboratories offer patients the possibility of making aproximatively 450 laboratory tests, analysis and investigations.

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Academica Medical Center offers integrated medical services, respectively consultations for all clinical specialities, surgical intervations, laboratory tests and imaging investigations. The medical team is comprised of 15 professors of medicine, and over 100 specialists.

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Provita Medical Center is the only clinic in Romania that treat spine disorders through minimally invasive interventions, such as fluoroscopically or ultrasound guided infiltrations. The medical team brings together professionals with over 25 years of practice abroad in pain therapy, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery of the spine, medical recovery.

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The Medicover Group is one of the largest private health care providers in Central and Eastern Europe. Medicover provides integrated medical services to patients in 14 countries. In Romania, Medicover has a network of 24 own clinics in Bucharest and in the country and a general hospital - Medicover Hospital.

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Neuroaxis is the first integrated neurology clinic in Bucharest, which operates under ambulatory care. The clinic provides a wide range of services covering the full range of neurological, neurosurgical, psychiatric, cardiological, spinal surgery, and imaging and laboratory services.

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Donna Clinic is a woman's health clinic that provides clinical and imagistic highly specialized diagnosis in breast and gynecological pathology in a warm and intimate setting. The clinic has earned the reputation of a Medical Center of Excellence in Breast Imaging, providing a correct and rapid diagnosis to over 60,000 patients.

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